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Apr 7, 2014 in Chapter 1
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Zamisk April 7, 2014 edit delete
I just today found out I can set these comics to post automatically. I can set a little timer and it will post on the date and time I set it to! Holy crap! This discovery would have ROCKED MY WORLD if I hadn't just run out of finished comics to post. I have to build up a buffer again.
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Doomy April 18, 2014 edit delete reply
RIP people in the burned down house.

But hey at least the pizza is as good as theirs ~
Zamisk April 19, 2014 edit delete reply
When I worked at pizza places I loved when customers didn't get or like their pizzas. Free food is awesome.
Nessy April 28, 2014 edit delete reply
Nice license plate lol. When do I get to be a zombie?