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Jul 14, 2014 in Chapter 2
2 - 13
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Author Notes:

Zamisk July 14, 2014
Whoosh, barely got this done in time to post on schedule. I need to find some time to build up that buffer, but whenever I have time to comic I've been working on some other short comic projects.


Calisa July 17, 2014
I think their bed setup is cute :3
Zamisk July 19, 2014
Now that you mention it most hotels probably don't have single beds in any of the rooms.
Calisa July 21, 2014
Yeah, I didn't even realize it was a hotel, I thought they had an adorable 1950's TV couple room above the pizza shop xD
Zamisk July 21, 2014
They mentioned a hotel room a few pages back, and the building is one story. Maybe I'll do that in the next town, though. It would be a good choice for them to buy a store with living space...
Calisa July 22, 2014
Clearly I'm not paying enough attention right now, thinking only about the aliens haha.